Hafren Fasteners 

We are Hafren Security Fasteners, globally recognised as the leading experts in the supply, innovation and design of specialist security fastener products.

Committed to ‘stamping out the impact of theft globally’.  We achieve this through the manufacture & wholesale of specialist ‘anti-tamper’ security fasteners (special headed screws, nuts & bolts which are either permanently fixed, or removable only by using a matching driver tool).

Our products are used wherever there is a need to safeguard property from theft or tampering.  The proven way to limit/mitigate the risks of theft and tampering of cycle hire equipment and infrastructure.  From the onset of bike share initiatives there has been a requirement to protect bikes and bike hire infrastructure from theft and vandalism.  Hafren Security Fasteners have always been there to advise and offer solutions in the form of specialist security fasteners.  Through our distributors we offer a broad range of quality propriety security and anti-tamper fixings and fasteners, whilst also offering a comprehensive solution for bespoke fixings.

We are the experts when it comes to security fasteners, always creating/innovating new fasteners to stay one step ahead of criminals. Hafren’s mission; “Stamping Out the Impact of Theft Globally” and commits over 16% of its revenue into New Product Development and Innovation – aiming to stay one step ahead on crime prevention and the impact of personal injury claims caused by damaged equipment in public areas.  We have worked extensively in educating end users about the benefits of using security fasteners in an almost unlimited number of applications

We have an excellent track record for outstanding customer service, our friendly helpful staff are readily available, offering professional advice and support.  All supported and backed up by our internationally recognised standards for quality & environment systems.